Herd Sires Females Sales

C F Right Design 1802
Calved 1/19/02 •  14116881
           # B/R New Design 036
Bon View New Design 1407
           Bon View Pride 664
# V D A R New Trend 315
B/R Blackcap Empress 76
#+G A R Sleep Easy 1009
# Bon View Pride 1551
           # Leachman Explorer
+Vision HF Blackcap 0015
           +Vision H A F Blackcap 8032
# N Bar Emulation EXT
Leachman Blackcap 9006
# TC Stockman 365
Leachman Blackcap 2046
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Selected by Summitcrest Farms and Zutavern Cattle Company as the top-selling bull of the 2003 Visions Angus Sale in Nebraska, the name of this powerful young sire says it all. Ranking among the top 1% of non-parent Angus bulls for WEPD, Milk EPD and $B in the Spring 2004 NSE, he ranks among the top 2% for UREA EPD, among the top 4% for both YEPD and IMF EPD and among the top 10% for U%RP EPD, $F and $G while balancing a BEPD among the lowest 25% of the population with a SC EPD among the top 25%. Sired by the popular New Design 1407 that combines the 9th highest IMF EPD and the 11th highest IMF EPD in the Spring 2004 NSE, the powerful and productive dam of this young sire featured in the ORIgen A.I. system is linebred to the $77,000 Leachman Blackcap 9006 through her $85,000 daughter Leachman Blackcap 2046 and her powerful son Leachman Explorer.

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